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Work fast with our official Adobe photoshop cc crossword answers free. Learn more. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. There was a problem preparing your codespace, please try again. Skip to content. Star 66k. This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository. Branches Tags. Could not load branches. Could not load tags. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

Launching Visual Studio Code Your codespace adobe photoshop cc crossword answers free annswers once ready. Latest commit. Git stats 4, commits.

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Awesome Adobe photoshop cc crossword answers free. Vue Curated Resources – Recommended Vue. Vue School – Learn Vue. A minimalistic list of Vue. Best vue. Job Portal Vue. September Getting Started with Vue.

January Building a movie app interface with Vue. October Troubleshooting Vue. October Nuxt. December Vue. This guide will walk you ffree a tutorial on how to fix your application’s frontend. Help you learn more efficiently vue3 adobe photoshop cc crossword answers free code – adobe photoshop cc crossword answers free привожу ссылку cuixiaorui Vue.

It includes authentication, vue-router, вот ссылка and roles by delay vue-zhihudaily NET Core Vue. Wikipedia-viewer A simple wikipedia-viewer page built with vue2. XVue Router 2Vuex and axios. Ссылка на подробности Muse-UI and http://replace.me/2427.txt webpack template by yujiahaol68 vue-music-qq A qq-music project is based on vue-cli.

IO-Client for the communication vue-xplan A rotating earth demo page created with Vue and three. MyDiary-Vue A diary application photoshoop with Vue 2. X which is also have contact and todolist function VueJS Example Projects on Github todo-mvc-webpack by voluntapear TodoMVC implementation on Vue 2 using the webpack-basic template with examples showing vuex, vue-router, central event bus and VueFire.

Chess Storybook Example with Vue 2. Russian comments. Includes fully featured user-authentication components, CRUD actions for the user’s notes, and Vuex store modules.

Hands-On Web Development with Vue. It utilizes design tokens, a living styleguide with integrated code playgrounds and reusable components for common UI tasks. Vue websockets example – A basic example of Websockets usage with Vue.

Vue 2. It presents infographics via D3. Go-echo-vuejs-boilerplate – Boilerplate that uses go with echo framework as a backend and vuejs that serve the web traffic. Includes the ability to prerender components and pages with Crossworr Server Renderer. The project contains many examples how to combine and use certain packages to get started. The project is an example of how to build a Peer-to-Peer anzwers with Vue. Coinchartsvue – Coinchartsvue is a cryptocurrency price chart based off Coinbase’s original price chart.

Books The Majesty Of Vue. Nov Learning Vue. Dec The Majesty Of Vue. Mar Vue. May Vue. September Front-end com Vue. Phootoshop Vue. November Full-Stack Vue. December Mastering Vue. March Vue. July ASP.

NET Core 2 and Vue. July Vue. September Getting to Know Vue. September Building Applications with Spring 5 and Vue. Ye, Packt. October Vue.

Advanced Asnwers. Documentaries Vue. Koel – A personal music streaming server that works. Gokotta – A simple music player built by electron and vue. Retrospectify – A simple tool for doing приведенная ссылка retrospectives in agile teams. Github-explorer – A spa which can help you check your github in a better way.

Hotel – Start your dev servers from your browser and get local domains in seconds. Surfbird – A Twitter client written with modern web technologies. Approach0 – A math-aware search engine. Vuedo – Blog platform, built with Laravel and Vue.

Tomato5 – Photlshop collaboration tool, it combines Pomodoro Technique with a team status share board. Web Learn – A service which provides simple access to thousands of video tutorials on web developing and programming. Materialize-blog – A material blog built with Laravel5. VueComponentGenerator – Generate vue single file component on browser. Lulumi-browser – Lulumi-browser is a light weight browser coded with Vue. Media Manager – Web File Manager.

Develop with Vue. Flamme – An open source Tinder desktop client читать with electron and Vue. Develop with Vue2. Voten – A Reddit-like platform built with Vue2 and Laravel. Created using Vue and Firebase. Adobe photoshop cc crossword answers free – A lightweight pattern library designed to be included with any web project. Built using nodejs and продолжение здесь vuejs-extension-pack vscode – An extension packf or vscode with popular VS Code extensions for Vue.

Github Page node-vue-template – Adobe photoshop cc crossword answers free starter template for building complete application using Node. Ride Receipts – Simple automation desktop app to download and organize your tax invoices from Uber and Lyft.


Statistiques et évolution de l’épidémie de CoronaVirus / Covid19 dans le monde et par pays.Adobe Photoshop Terms Crossword Puzzle Answers – PDF Free Download


LibriVox volunteers narrate, proof listen, and upload chapters of books and other textual works in the public domain. These projects are then made available on the Internet for everyone to enjoy, for free.

There are many, many things you can do to help, so please feel free to jump into the Forum and ask what you can do to help! See also: How LibriVox Works. LibriVox volunteers are helpful and friendly, and if you post a question anywhere on the forum you are likely to get an answer from someone, somewhere within an hour or so.

So don’t be shy! Many of our volunteers have never recorded anything before LibriVox. The roles involved in making a LibriVox recording. Drag and Drop vuedraggable – Vue component allowing drag-and-drop sorting in sync with View-Model.

Based on Sortable. Simple and easy to use. Works with objects or api calls. Masked Input vue-masked-input – Masked input component for Vue. Click to show editable input and return the value changes. This is a Vue Component.

Rich Text Editing vue-quill-editor – Quill editor component for Vue2. Image Manipulation Edit images vue-core-image-upload – A vue plugin for image to crop and upload. Display images vue-cloudinary – A vue 2. Video Manipulation vue-playlist – A lightweight vue 2. The one and only working solution for seamless video play done with vanilla JS.

It takes an array of videos and stitches them together into a single video. File Upload vue-clip – Simple and hackable file uploader for VueJs. Uploader shows file names, sizes and total size of files added. It also allows setting a minimum required number of files to upload. Works well with both left and right clicks. Works on right click or can be triggered programmatically.

Turn any input into an address autocomplete. Link Preview link-prevue – Flexible component for generate a link preview. VueFlex – A flexbox grid system. All components can be positioned fixed or relative.

Based on css flexbox. Support SSR, fixed or fraction width, auto grow Col. Build responsive websites, hybrid mobile Apps and Electron apps using same code, with VueJs 2. Material Components Vue – wrapper around material-components-web for Vue. Inkline – Inkline is the intuitive UI Components library that gives you a developer-friendly foundation for building Vue.

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Compatible with bootstrap and vuetify viewports. Inspired by Airbnb. Form vue-formly – JavaScript powered forms for Vue. Form Builder – Json template based form builder, based on Vue and Laravel. Validation, error handling, form generation, comprehensive documentation, and more.

Validation, multiple fields, grouping, schema and more. FormKit – Vue 3 form development. Form inputs, validation, submission, error handling, generation, accessibility, theming, and more. Validation vee-validate – Simple Vue. Form validation has never been easier. Easiness, simplicity, accurate. JS plugin that adds a global mixin which can be used to fill an errors variable from a laravel error response and display it as an object or array, can also be used as a local mixin.

VFM – Vue driven form management tool. Resize vue-not-visible – Vue directive for removing from dom like v-if element on screen smaller than breakpoints. Virtual scrollbar VBar – The virtual responsive cross-browser scrollbar component for Vue. Vuebar – Vue 2 directive for custom scrollbar that uses native scroll behavior. Lightweight, performant, customizable and without dependencies.

Use as a vue component, a vue directive or with vanilla js. Using vue directive. Fast, small, has no dependencies, live demo. Customize the scroll behavior vue-scroll-behavior – Customize the scroll behavior on route navigation. Especially hash mode. Seamless scrolling vue-seamless-scroll – A simple, Seamless scrolling for Vue.

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Available from the context of a vue instance eg: this. Works well with vuen and vuex-i18n. Make reports about missing and unused i18n entries. Customizable Language Menu widget built with Web Components.

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Based on axios. Keep the Vuex state with localStorage. Compatible with Vue 2. Vuenut – is a component to develop faster and more fluently. Works well with most of the Vue pagination components. Designed for Vue 3 and Vuex 4. VueInBrowserLoader – Loads a. Also allows using dynamic data. Add your own authentication. Migration vue-backbone – Vue. Web Sockets vue-socket. Also provides typescript decorator for better use. Payment Payment utilities. Stripe vue-stripe-checkout – A simple vue plugin for Stripe checkout.

Plaid vue-plaid-link – Easy to use Vue component for Plaid Link. Integrations Integrate with services or other frameworks vue-disqus – Vue component to integrate Disqus comments in your application, with support for SPA. Neutronium – Build.

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Test vuenit – Utilities for testing Vue components and directives. Highly configurable and tiny 1. Vue Testing Library – Simple and complete testing utilities that encourage good testing practices. Browser-less require Load Vue components without browser vue-node – Load vue components in node.

Source Code Editing Text editor plugins Atom language-vue atom. Brackets Brackets Vue – Brackets extension for Vue. Intellij Vue.

Kate Kate Syntax Files – Syntax files modified or original for katepart kate, kwrite, kdevelop. Basically a vue-cli wrapper. Huncwot – Vue. Featuring: nuxt, flow, and jest. VuePlay – Generate disposable Vue playgrounds in seconds. Allows you to test things quickly. Features search and github stats are available. Vue Settler – An opinionated Vue 2. Friendly Vue Starter – A full-featured Vue. Works with minimal setup out of the box with laravel-api-boilerplate-jwt.

SSR Boilerplate – Vue. Vueniverse – A fully featured, universal Vue template for user-based applications, powered by Nuxt.

Authorization using custom directives apollo. DotVue – Implement. NET with server ViewModel postback. Single-file components with server-side ViewModel. Use all power of VueJS with simple C server-side data access. It’s fast! X and Vue2. Supports Vue 3 components template and Typescript. MIT license. Think of it as a step in the right direction. Taking a longer term view can help with this. Creating a plan will force you to think things through and add some comfortable structure to something that can seem very up in the air and undefined.

D ACT! Something is always going to be less than optimum. Don’t wait! Do something right now that will 55 move you toward your passion. What two things can you do right away that will start the ball rolling? They don’t need to be earth-shattering, they just need to happen.

Say, ‘I am going to do this. Say it to a friend. Once it’s out in the open it will have room to grow. And that’s exactly what you want! Part 1 OJ Before graduating, Josef applied for jobs in 20 companies.

Part 2 o In his early fifties he took a sabbatical to write a book. D Use appropriate expressions in bold from Exercise2 above to complete these job interview questions. Change the form as necessary. D Now correct these sentencesfrom a biography. The words in bold have been mixed up.

Put them back in the right places. Change the verb form if necessary. D Which two answers in Exercise6 could you give to each of these questions? DO c Are you a good time manager? DO d Are you a good team worker? Take notes on the problem. Michael and Shane. Usethe present simple, present continuous, present perfect simple and temporary present present perfect continuous.

Four of your sentencesshould be true, the other four should actions or situations be untrue. Present perfect simple 1 I often I’ve never w orked in 2 I don’t usually The group has to decide whether you are telling the truth or bluffing.

Who is Present perfect continuous the best bluffer? I’ve been w orking too hard -I’m exhausted! P re se nt pe rfe ct a nd pa st sim ple action in progress up to now D You and your partner work for an international recruitment agency. Your clients are looking for Grammar and practice page 1 a Spanish-speaking science graduate 2 an undergraduate with marketing experience 3 a graduate accountant, to be a future finance director 4 a French-speaking graduate in business 5 an arts undergraduate with experience in the Far East 6 a Portuguese-speaking graduate with experience in sales.

You have each interviewed and tested five candidates. Exchange information with your partner and decide together which candidates are most suitable for each request.

Student A: use the information below. In class, hold a vote to find your favourite gram m ar site. T hen compare your ideas with a partner. You’re kidding Student A: turn to page Useful expressions: Answering interview questions Asking for clarification or reformulating Playing for time I’m so rry, co u ld yo u e xp a n d o n w h a t yo u m e a n b y Structuring your answer G iving concrete examples I’d like to a n sw e r th a t in tw o w a ys: firstly, Put the words in bold in the correct re s e arc order.

Search for the keywords 1 [applied what learned I. S I would be ready more a move to position up with to responsibility. The good news is that there are only two interview questions. That is, regardless of what you’re asked, the employer really only wants to know: 1 What value can you add to my enterprise as an employee and can you prove it?

Glossary PAGE With a partner, ask and answer the questions using expressions from Exercises 3 and 4, inventing I any details as necessary. Invent further information about the job as necessary. For each of your questions, note whether the answer is satisfactory or not. At the end of the interview, give the candidate feedback on how well they performed.

Model D Decide in what order you expect the following categories to occur in a CV. Then read the CV below to check. This position required familiarity with networking solutions and Web design and involved liaising with a client’s parent company in Germany. I ran a language training programme for members of the department.

What do you notice? Search for the keywords resum e style to find out La ngua ge focus about different resume styles to consider, D Read the CV again. How has Robert formulated the following information in more appropriate language? Then write Justine’s CV using relevant language and expressions from Exerdse 4. Jjob to bri-1l. How many different ways of spending a gap year can you Inter. Scanreading D Readthe advertisement and answer the questions.

W a nt to cha nge the world, or just wa nta cha nge? Whether you are still a student or already in work, a gap-year placement Is a unique opportunity to broaden your horizons, enhance your CV and step back from your studies or career to decide what you want to do with your life. Perhaps more Importantly, a gap-year placement Is the chance to do something concrete and tangible to help people in need In underprivileged areas of the world. Placements are designed for people over 17 years of age, and run for six or nine months throughout the world.

All placements begin with an intensive orientation course to help you find your feet; for some countries, an optional ten-day Intensive language course ;s recommended. Participants work as volunteers in sectors such as education, conservation, medical support and care work. Food and accommodation are provided, but participants pay their own travel costs.

W ith a partner, explain which one s South Africa you’d prefer to go on, and why. W hy wouldn’t you like to go on the others? Population: 45 million Official Language: 11 official languages, including English W riting and roleplay and Afrikaans o You are going to take turns interviewing and Placement: Schools for being interviewed for www.

Job: Classroom assistant in a special needs school, providing classroom support and working on an individual basis with children with mental and physical disabilities. W orking week: 45 hours, some evening duties. Melayu Main Religion: Islam Placement: Conservation work Job: Various conservation B What are your main reasons for spending a year projects: construction and maintenance of trails, abroad and why have you applied for a gap-year identification of species, eco-tourism projects, organic placement?

Work is physically demanding. C What is your preferred destination and type of voluntary work? At the same time, three Placement: Care work students from Group B interview one student from Job: Care-work placements in homes for children with Group A. Use the completed application forms disabilities or orphanages: assisting individual children, above and CVs, if available for the interviews.

Intensive Spanish language course recommended. The interview panel will, therefore, be slightly different each time. Teaching in 4 When all the interviews are finished, decide in your groups which candidates have been Tanzania successful. Participants must have excellent English. Four weeks’ school holidays per year.

B us ine s s zyxwvutsrqpon 2. I got it this morning. I o Com plete the sentences using words from the box. Here’s the email that I got this morning. It arrived this morning. He comes from Spain.

I met him yesterday. His background is in IT. Finally, I’m going to. II Fill in the m issing letters to com plete these nouns 8 Please make I feel free to interrupt me. Then translate the words into your language. II had I in I kind. Yesterday was even worse. Let me see, over the last ten days I think I 8 apply for a gap-year h skills 3 interview 16 candidates. Just imagine! And every time I 4 interview someone there’s a D Fill in the m issing letters in these words which all cv to read, questions to prepare, records to keep.

It just have a m eaning sim ilar to goal. Right now, ] 5 need a break. Wait a minute. There’s no-one here. Som e have a plural form. What are your? How do they measure your? Come on, 3 Which two expressions suggest it was not your fault? What is your greatest? II Fill in the m issing letters in these words about 6 If we offer you this job, what kind of will you careers.

Will you be looking for another job after a year or two? Inte rne t h 1 Do you prefer shopping in a bricks-and-mortar store or online? Does it depend on what you’re buying? Visit two or three of 3 Have you usee services like Facebook Places and Foursquare? Is there room for both bricks-and-mortar and Shopkick.

S ca n re a ding com, Facebook Places. Which service appeals to o Readthe article opposite quickly and choose the best summary. Retailers are using Internet services a to attract social networking users to their websites. R e a ding for de ta il D Readthe article again and decide whether these statements are T true or F false.

The advantage offline retailers have over online stores is that they can easily know who their customers are and adapt to their needs. Complete the questionnaire. Please give each option a rating between 0 no interest and 5 very interested. Ask questions to complete the questionnaire in Exercise5. Compare and discussyour answers. R e ta i finds 35 ‘When we get a pack or a can off the shelf and into the consumer’s hands, there’s a very strong chance they’ll actually purchase that product, enjoy it, and become a regular customer’ says a brand manager for a household name in food products.

With a potential one billion Facebook users checking in to local businesses through ‘Facebook Places’, physical retailers can finally compete in socia l 50 with e-commerce on equal terms.

SaVV’j shoppers however have already seen loyalty cards, coupons, stamps and air miles come and go: will they be willing to keep checking in to venues and scanning bar codes? The results of new m e dia 55 marketing concepts borrowed from digital gaming suggest they will. One of the strongest motivators in social media is status and identity: collecting points to obtain virtual titles like m a rke ting ‘duchess of books’ or ‘queen of lipstick’ combines the powerfully addictive experiences of social media, interactive competition and shopping, allowing high street names and 60 big brands to hook users into a self-perpetuating race to connect to others and affirm their individual identity.

Once it’s got its claws into your digital 10, e-commerce doesn’t let go easily. Until very recently, offline stores were at a distinct 10 disadvantage when it came to knowing their customers. But just when the retail battle seemed almost lost, app-mania came flying to bricks-and-mortar’s rescue. The consumer’s love-affair with smartphone apps has not only saved physical retail’s bacon, it may even be turning the tables in its favour.

So just how is app-mania boosting that all-important 20 foot traffic? Old friends like Facebook and new services like J Shopkick and Foursquare provide offline stores with online data on their visitors by encouraging users to check in via their apps as they move around town.

Stores and service outlets can track consumer behaviour, recognize returning 25 customers and send them personalized offers. In return, app users can let their friends know exactly where they are and what they’re buying. W hat’s happening in each case? Com plete the descriptions with an appropriate verb or expression from Exercise2.

Extract 1: A supplier is an order. Extract 2: A buyer is trying to the price. Extract 3: A buyer is a bigger discount. Extract 4: A seller is a proposal. Extract 7: A customer is complaining that a supplier has deadline. Extract 8: A negotiator is a compromise. W rite two similar extracts illustrating two more of the collocations. Read them to a partner, who should try to identify the collocations you are referring to. D The customer’s credit card account is debited. Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Ms Brotherton, I am writing to complain about the service from Please accept our apologies for the errors you have your lowlowprice.

Last month I ordered experrenced. Unfortunately, our computer recorded a DVD;you then took three weeks to ship the a your a link twice, and therefore generated two site. While I was waiting for delivery, I browsed b re funds. Usually our prices are the lowest another b product, which advertised the same on the Web; when this is not the case, we are DVD for only half the price.

I have also prrced the happy to give full c product. Please send the d c cre dit on several other sites, all cheaper than tra nsa ction back and we will credit your account yours. Finally,when I checked my bank statement, I for the full amount. Click on the e invoice s below noticed that you have debited my d product card for the return address. Please correct this error as soon as possible. Customer Service Department Mary Brotherton www.

T a lk a bout the diffe re nt sta ge s in the discussion, a nd if a nd wha t you e ve ntua lly a gre e d. U se the words a nd the e xpre ssions in the box to he lp you. I” zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedc 2.

Then, with a partner, compare your answers; tell your partner if you think their answer is right or not. Grammar and practice page doing if a customer asks you for your personal t phone number? IJ W hat would you do if a customer complained about your attitude? ED W hat do you recommend if a customer brings back a set of golf clubs and demands a refund?

IE W hat would you do if you saw a customer steal some expensive running shoes? EEl W hat do you do if the item the customer wants is out of stock? ED W hat will you say if a customer asks why your prices are higher than online stores? Em W hat would you do if a customer left their credit card in the store? I would certainly recom m end it, providing it was a good career m ove and, personally, I would suggestgoing to an English-speaking country.

W hat do you think? Listen and write J Jan or P Petra next to the points they agree on. Ibe zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcb Business 2. Did you win or lose the negotiation? Is there always a winner and a loser? W hat important mistake does Harry make? II :; Listen to Part 2, Version 2 and answer the questions. I might considerreducingthe price if you increasedyour order.

Compromising W ould you agreeto a compromise? Isthat an acceptablecompromise? Firm offers I am readyto sign a contract today if you can guaranteethe price for two years. I can pay six months in advance,on that you havethe site online in two months. Counter-offers I’d be to agreeto a three-yearcontract, you could guaranteea maximumdown time of 24 hours per month.

I supposewe do it, providing you a year’s fees in advance. It would be difficult for me to increasemy order unlessyou guaranteedthe price for two years. Change roles for the second negotiation. Search for the keywords cross cultural 1 Student A: You have to give a presentation to the sales team tomorrow morning, but you negotiation to find out booked an important client meeting at the same time. Ask B to give the presentation for you.

You think A should be negotiations. Ask B to look after the auditor for you. Student B: You were planning to take Friday afternoon off as you are going away for the weekend, so if you agree, negotiate something valuable in return. Make a tentative offer. Make a counter-offer. Propose a compromise.

P ronuncia tion o Stressingkeywords is important in making clear that your first offers are tentative and hypothetical. Underline the two keywords that are stressedin each of these examples. Then practisesaying each sentence. N e gotia ting D With a partner, practise negotiating an e-tailing package. Student A: look at the instructions below. Student A Harry Petersen’s Application Service Provider, Holman Multimedia, has gone out of business, taking with it Harry’s site which was turning over a thousand dollars per day.

Harry needs to hire a new provider. This time he is determined to negotiate a contract which will protect his business if there are problems. Harry has asked you to negotiate with another supplier, Easytail. He has given you a list of points to negotiate below. Try to obtain more ‘Ideals’ than ‘Unacceptables’.

M ark your position on the scale. They make good business sense. They’re a w aste of m oney. M odel o R ead the proposal below and answer the questions.

Dear Mr Bellows, Thank you for taking the time to talk to me by telephone today. Yourwebsite currently generates five to ten orders per day. You expect this ro increase steadily with the introduction of a new range of products. You are looking for a flexible, inexpensive and transparent payment system which will allow you [0 deal direcclywith your customers and control your cash flow. We recommend the PZpay Pro small business merchant account, which can process up to 75 orders per day.

If your salesvolume were to expand more quickly than anticipated, you would be able to upgrade to PZpay Corporate with no additional set-up fee. PZpay Pro will gain prestige and respect for your e-business, since customers will make their credit card payments directly on your website.

PZpay”is totally rransparenr, giving you total control of your sales, cash-flow and administration fees. In the unlikely event of a dispute with a customer, you alone would decide whether to refund your customer’s payment. O U f charges are amongst the lowest on the market, meaning that your business will be more profitable from day one. We provide everything you need to set up PZpay on your website within 48 hours. Should you however encounter any difficulties, our help line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you.

With more than 1, satisfied members in 26 countries, PZpay is the fastest-growing merchant account provider on the Web. You will find full details of our terms and conditions in the attached quotation.

If you have further questions, please feel free to call or email me. S earch for the keyw ords how to write direct mail o Solution: State the options you recommend, and any contingency plans.

La ngua ge focus II Y our small business designs and builds multimedia websites. Invent any details as necessary. J ‘Poste. SlAfes 1Are. WIA1’tts sO’fll-e. Xpt’lAi1’t v.. S wro1’t 1’ n,,,B us ine s s zyxwvutsrqpon 2. W hat do you think are the advantages of such sales incentive program s? Are there any disadvantages? R e a ding o Readthe m em o and answer the questions. Ashton Pharmaceuticals – Memo To: All sales reps Re: Incentive trip Just a quick reminder that our top ten performers will win an all-expenses paid hoLidayfor two in the sun.

As usual, our destination is the Caribbean, and this year we have chosen the St John’s Beach Club in Antigua see attached brochure. Mark these statements T true or F false , and say why. Eachbuyer negotiates with two different travel agents to get the best possible deal for Ashton Pharmaceuticals’ incentive trip to the St John’s Beach Club. When you have finished negotiations. Now watch the video Student A: turn to page W hat conflicts of interest are there between the different groups?

Their C redo, first written in 1 9 4 3 , has been a model for corporate social responsibility C SR potlcles for over 6 0 years. O ur C redo We believe our first responsibility is to the doctors, nurses and patients, to mothers and fathers and all others who use our products and services. In meeting their needs everything we do must be of high quality. We must constantly strive to reduce our costs in order to maintain reasonable prices.

Customers’ orders must be serviced promptly and accurately. Our suppliers and distributors must have an opportunity to make a fair profit. We are responsible to our employees, 10 the men and women who work with us throughout the world. Everyone must be considered as an individual. We must respect their dignity and recognize their merit. They must have a sense of security in their jobs.

Compensation must be fair and adequate, 15 and working conditions clean, orderly and safe. We must be mindful of ways to help our employees fulfil their family responsibilities. Employees must feel free to make suggestions and complaints. There must be equal opportunity for employment, development 20 and advancement for those qualified. We must provide competent management, and their actions must be just and ethical.

We are responsible to the communities in which we live and work and to the world community as well. We must maintain in good order the property we are privileged to use, 30 protecting the environment and natural resources. Our final responsibility is to our stockholders. Business must make a sound profit. We must experiment with new ideas. Research must be carried on, innovative programs developed 35 and mistakes paid for.

New equipment must be purchased, new facilities provided and new products launched. Reserves must be created to provide for adverse times. When we operate according to these principles, 40 the stockholders should realize a fair return.

Beach Hut’s cafes are well-known for their fair trade coffee. Part 2 Listen to Part 2 and delete one incorrect item in italics from each statement. Listen again and complete the summary. Beach Hut helps to protect Argentina’s 1 by giving staff time off work to run educational programmes for 2.

The company’s image has been boosted by winning several 3 for environmentally friendly businesses; using these green logos on its 4 and 5 reinforces the message. In this way, Beach Hut has built a 6 customer-base despite a very 7 business environment. Customers value the fact that Beach Hut has a 8 strategy of building 9 businesses, not just looking for quick profits from a 10 model. D iscussion iii With a partner, discuss your reactions to these quotes from the interview: take turns playing opposing roles as ‘the capitalist’ and ‘the altruist’.

CSRcollocations D M atch up the beginnings of phrases you m ight use in a m eeting with the endings a-I. I 7 8 It’s five past nine, so I’d better open Can we start by approving g side-tracked. Adje ctive s D M atch the adjectives in bold in the article with the definitions below. And unfortunately, business people and companies are not always as reliable or as trustworthy as we would like.

Product descriptions are frequently not as accurate as they could be, for example when listing ingredients used in foodstuffs. Service is not always as prompt as we expect, even in so-called fast-food restaurants. But it is perhaps in the world of advertising where ethical standards seem to be the most elastic. Advertisements are frequently deceptive and often confusing or deliberately misleading, sometimes making extravagant promises.

No doubt advertisers are neither more dishonest nor any less altruistic than the rest of us; they do not often make obviously false claims. It’s just that, like Groucho, they sometimes seem a little too economical with the truth. But above and beyond that requirement, they have a moral duty to 6 standards of common decency. This means for example 7 human dignity when there are problems, and 8 merit -.

After the crisis has passed, kind of ethical issues many businesses face management should allow sufficient time to 11 a settlement which will and the different ways satisfy all parties and 12 the victims properly. List the most important ones.

If a company wants to be ethical and demonstrate corporate social responsibility, what specific practices and policies do you suggest this could involve in the following departments and areasof the business? G ram m ar and practice page Reported speech I’ve finished! Take turns to be the spokesperson. Use active verbs to specify who is responsible and present give your accusations more impact. Spokesperson: using the notes provided, acknowledge what is true in the allegations, but avoid taking responsibility.

Use the passive to avoid saying Who is responsible. Unfortunately it’s true that the water-supply is sometimes affected, but solutions are now being developed. Then say who made the 12 statements re s e arc h below and explain how you know this. W hat phrases helped you? Read the business pages of an online newspaper Speaking to our reporter on the spot, M s CEO KLAAS ROOS announced an to find interesting Gronko explained that all villagers forced to end to manufacturing in Europe, com m ents and quotes leave their hom es by the new road would be informing shareholders that labour from people and com pensated.

Asked to what level, she replied com panies in the news. Journalists are reported to have been refused entry to Plazachem’s Tashkent plant after leakages of toxic chemicals were described by workers. Employees claimed that health and safety regulations had not been applied for the last five years, and that several fatal accidents had occurred. Plazachem management declined to comment. Asked how the company intended to compensate the victims of the accident, Mr Sanchez answered that no decision had yet been reached.

Emphasizing the complexity of the legal situation, he suggested negotiations may be protracted. Listen to six extracts from a conversation between Geoffrey Bullard. For each extract, decide how Leila reported to the mayor. D Explain these formal announcements to a foreign visitor in inform al language.

Y ou have to w ear special protective glasses from this point onw ards. Don’t you that I strongly that. Disagreeing tactfully Managing the discussion I see your but Do we all on that, then?

I agree up to a but The next on the agenda is I’m I can’t agree. Can we to the agenda? Perhaps we should for coffee. Could I just in here? Follow the structure re s e arc provided. Take turns being A and B. What are the essentials 1 A vodka manufacturer offers to sponsor your end-of-year party. Do you accept? What should you do? Is that OK? What can you do?

Student A Student B Givean opinion. Ask for clarification. I ow watch the video for this unit. Managethe discussion. Hold a management meeting to decide what to do in the following casesof employee misconduct in your company.


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LibriVox is a hope, an experiment, and a question: can the net harness a bunch of volunteers to help bring books in the public domain to life through podcasting? LibriVox volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain, and then we release the audio files back onto the net.

We are a totally volunteer, open source, free content, public domain project. LibriVox volunteers narrate, proof listen, and upload chapters of books and other textual works in the public domain. These projects are then made available on the Internet for everyone to enjoy, for free. There are many, many things you can do to help, so please feel free to jump into the Forum and ask what you can do to help! See also: How LibriVox Works.

LibriVox volunteers are helpful and friendly, and if you post a question anywhere on the forum you are likely to get an answer from someone, somewhere within an hour or so. So don’t be shy! Many of our volunteers have never recorded anything before LibriVox. The roles involved in making a LibriVox recording.

Not all volunteers read for LibriVox. If you would prefer not to lend your voice to LibriVox , you could lend us your ears. Proof listeners catch mistakes we may have missed during the initial recording and editing process.

Readers record themselves reading a section of a book, edit the recording, and upload it to the LibriVox Management Tool. For an outline of the Librivox audiobook production process, please see The LibriVox recording process. We require new readers to submit a sample recording so that we can make sure that your set up works and that you understand how to export files meeting our technical standards. We do not want you to waste previous hours reading whole chapters only to discover that your recording is unusable due to a preventable technical glitch.

A book coordinator commonly abbreviated BC in the forum is a volunteer who manages all the other volunteers who will record chapters for a LibriVox recording. Metadata coordinators MCs , help and advise Book Coordinators, and take over the files with the completed recordings soloists are also Book Coordinators in this sense, as they prepare their own files for the Meta coordinators. The files are then prepared and uploaded to the LibriVox catalogue, in a lengthy and cumbersome process.

NOTE: Anyone may read this Wiki, but if you wish to edit the pages, please log in, as this Wiki has been locked to avoid spam. Apologies for the inconvenience. Jump to: navigation , search. Personal tools Log in.


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    Klaus Grawe hat mit seiner Konsistenztheorie (, ) versucht, das psychische Funktionieren des Menschen vor dem Hintergrund der Befriedigung psychologischer Grundbedürfnisse, zu erklären. Er bemühte sich hierbei, seine Theorie erfahrungswissenschaftlich zu untermauern. Grawe zufolge streben alle Organismen nach Konsistenz, d.h. nach einer . เว็บไซต์อันดับ 1 ของเมืองไทยที่รวม สารบัญเว็บ สารบัญ. Vue Crossword – A replace.me based crossword puzzle builder and filler front-end application. Built with CodeSandbox. Vue Org Chart – Manage and publish your interactive organization chart (orgchart), free and no webserver required. Beep – Account Security Scanner built with replace.me and Ionic 4; Vue CRUD – replace.me based REST-ful CRUD system. Vue CRUD.

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